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  1. Salvador Vallejo

    Hi Mr. Andreas Lupo,
    We are ERP (Exit Refugium Peccatorum), we are a rock band from Rome (Italy).
    Sorry for our terrible English. We speak only Italian and Spanish.
    We are a band of independent music, which plays Noise, Industrial, Electronic and Ambient music.
    We contact you because we are finishing the Mixing phase of a series of our songs and we need to leave those songs to someone to do the Mastering.
    A friend of ours in London told us your name, and so, we contact you.
    Thus, we need some information regarding the Mastering phase.
    For example: the price, the time needed or for example, what is your method to correct or change the Mastering of a song if we do not like the sound?…
    Do you give a free demonstration of your Mastering method on a part or half part of a song?
    Or again, do you apply special prices if the songs are more than a certain number?
    in short, we will be grateful if you send us the necessary information to be able to Mastering our songs in your Studios.
    Mr. Andreas Lupo, we look forward to your reply.
    Thanks and Greetings from ERP.
    Salvador Vallejo

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