Reeperbahn Festival 2012: Sound Business – Auditory Sensations And The Experience Of Music – Conference


Taking the recent criticism of the MP3 format, as expressed by such music personalities as Neil Young, Rick Rubin, or the late Steve Jobs, as a starting point, we want to discuss sound and its quality in relation to today’s music market. After decades of the “convenience over quality” mantra, is it time for a new look at the actual sound of the music we are trying to sell?


Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn,  CEO, UK
Andreas “Lupo” Lubich, Dubplates & Mastering, Co-Owner, DE
Yoad Nevo, Producer -Mixer and Waves Plugin Developer, UK
Lothar Kerestedijan, Highresaudio, CEO, DE


Date: 21.09.2012

Time: 16:00 – 17:15


Conference Room

Reeperbahn 1

20359 Hamburg




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