Minna No Ie (A Home For Everyone) Playbutton Compilation

みんなの家 Playbutton Charity Compilation For The Residents Of Northeastern Japan.

In partnership with monthly Zoom Japon, Japonaide and Parte, the label Sonore is participating in the financing of this house by producing a playbutton (a wearable badge / audio player).

12 Japanese electronic and experimental musicians have also lent their support. Buying this original compilation will both introduce you to some innovative musicians and allow you to send support to the residents of the region of Tôhoku. 

The profits from the sale of the compilation will be sent to the Kishin No Kai association via Japonaide. 

 More info about Minna No Ie / A Home For Everyone and Japonaide: http://japonaide.org/2012/02/minnano-ie-en/


Playbutton is a wearable button that plays music: A record that plays itself.
It comes with a built in headphones socket and uses OGG.

Tracklist :

01. Boredoms – Super You 
02. Jemapur – Untitled 
03. hamaYôko – Tsumetai Tsuki 
04. Satanicpornocultshop – Usotsuki 
05. Nao Suzuki (Chimidoro) – Fûkei in Japan 
06. de!nial – Minus Algorhythm 
07. Akane Hosaka – 1!2!Sports 
08. Takeko Akamatsu (Craftwife) – Beyond The Shell 
09. Maruosa – Catchpulse 
10. ECD – Recording Report (Hangenpatsu Remix) 
11. Oorutaichi – Misen Gymnastics 
12. DODDODO – Neko Ga Nya-tte, Inu Ga Wan! 

 Price : 25 including VAT. For deliveries outside of the EU, the price (excluding VAT) is 20.90 

BUY / INFO: http://jaapan.com/s/11652_127183_minna-no-ie-playbutton-compilation

Curated by Franck Stofer (Sonore / Jaapan)

Mastering by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at Duplates & Mastering, Berlin

Manufactured by Playbutton / Parte.

Design by Reiko Nakamura

SONORE, SON-30, 2012




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