Watch The Vinyl Factory’s short film on the art of vinyl mastering – by FACT Magazine

The Vinyl Factory’s new short film profiles three of the finest minds in mastering.

Practically everything that is pressed to vinyl passes through the hands of a mastering engineer, who oversees the transition from tape, CD or MP3 onto the master disc or dubplate that will then be sent to the pressing plant for wider production.

Our friends at The Vinyl Factory tracked down three of the world’s foremost mastering engineers for a short film, Sculpting Sound, that looks into their role in the increasingly threatened vinyl manufacturing process.

The filmmakers join Andreas ‘Lupo’ Lubich at Calyx Mastering in Berlin, renowned for its attention to detail in cutting some of the most demanding avant-garde records around, and visit Rashad Becker of Berlin’s Dubplates & Mastering as well Noel Summerville (formerly of Pye Studios and Metropolis, now running his own 3343 Mastering studio) in London.

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AES Berlin 2014 » Workshop W5: Mastering Our Future Music

AES Berlin 2014 » Workshop W5: Mastering Our Future Music.

Sunday, April 27, 10:45 — 12:15 (Estrel Hall B)


Rob Toulson, Anglia Ruskin University – Cambridge, UK


Andreas Lubich — Calyx Mastering, Dubplates & Mastering (until 2013) – Berlin, Germany
Mandy Parnell — Black Saloon Studios – London, UK
Jonathan Shakhovskoy — Script – London, UK


Emerging technologies are impacting the way in which music is captured, packaged, and delivered to the listener. Communications and working practices are evolving, bringing new challenges and opportunities for producing a high quality final product. Technical initiatives including Mastering for iTunes, high resolution playback, streaming services, dynamic range control and advances in metadata require mastering engineers to continuously modernize their methods. Additionally, the methods and systems for music delivery are evolving, with artists exploring new avenues for engaging their audience. In particular the “Album App” format has been considered with regards to high resolution audio, secure digital content and the inclusion of album artwork and interactive features. Furthermore, we have seen a resurgence of vinyl as a preferred listening format for audio, which has reassured the commercial importance of high-fidelity audio and rich artistic content. Each of these contemporary initiatives has an impact on the way the audio is mastered, finalized, and distributed to the listener.

The Mastering Our Future Music workshop will involve presentations and interactive discussions with a panel of experts who are fundamentally engaged in these contemporary practices for audio mastering and delivery to the listener.

U-TOPIA Festival Dortmund: Workshop 4 “Ready For Mastering?“

Sa. 24.11. | 16:00 – 17:45 UHR | 5,- € | U2 Kulturelle Bildung


Im Workshop „Ready for Mastering“ erklärt Andreas „Lupo“ Lubich vom Mastering Studio
„Dubplates & Mastering“ aus Berlin, was Musiker und Produzenten tuen können um den
eigenen Mix bestmöglich für das Mastering vorzubereiten. Neben Fragen zu Dateiformaten,
Bitrate, Aussteuerung und Rendering gibt er auch praktische Tipps für einen besseren Mix
und erklärt die Unterschiede zwischen CD und Vinylmastering.
LUPO zählt bereits seit vielen Jahren zu den weltweit gefragtesten Mastering-Ingenieuren
im Bereich elektronischer Club-Musik.



Mp3-sales are growing and the CD is nearly dead. Although many record stores haven’t survived the digital age, there remains a significant number of people who buy new music the “antiquated” medium of vinyl. The “Vinyl Preservation and Record Store Survival” panel is about the benefits and detriments of releasing music on vinyl and future business models for the vinyl industry.

  • Markus Lindner   (DJ Delfonic / OYE Record Store)
  • Andreas [LUPO] Lubich   (Dubplates & Mastering / Loop_O / iCrates)
  • Simon Raymonde   (Cocteau Twins / This Mortal Coil / Bella Union)
  • Kieron Tyler (The Arts Desk / RPM International)

Moderation: Keno Mescher

Organized by The Sustainable Love Corporation


Date: 07.09.2012

 Time: 11 – 12 h

Location:  Capitol Yard Golf Lounge / Stralauer Allee 2 / 10245 Berlin…